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With Futures & Options Version 4.1 you'll be able to manage up to 32,000 multi-currency accounts and to register and process FGx transactions, FGx options, futures and options on futures. The product also features:

  • Customer's position revaluated in USD with profits\losses from open positions considering market prices and forward points
  • On screen indication of both required and available call margins
  • Balance of currencies in which the customer is trading
  • Liquidation procedure with account selection and immediate cash situation updating
  • Roll-over and delivery procedures
  • Registering of a new position with automatic check on account number and price
  • Easy closing of a position with automatic check on its face value (supports partial closings)
  • Detailed viewing of a transaction and printing of the deal slip
  • Transactions historical database, including detailed viewing and printing of liquidated transactions
  • Printing of the client's position in terms of open position or open and closed positions, with indication of cash situation, call margin and liquidation value with regard to market prices
  • Cash situation and liquidation value summary of all the customers or a specified group of them
  • Listing of the accounts that are liable to daily liquidation
  • Aggregate situation of a group of customers in terms of balance for each single cross/currency with the relating weighted average price
  • Listing of the open positions of a defined group of customers
  • Activity report and open positions of a group of customers within a defined period
  • Limit orders listed and processed by order number, by currency or by customer number
  • Checking limits with regard to market prices.

You will be able to register both American and European type options, check a customer position in terms of valid options compared to market rates, exercise an option with automatic conversion into a spot transaction, and print a deal slip for each option.

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