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FGx Pro 32-bit : the ultimate Fpp. FGx, options, futures, derivatives, commodities: all in one, everything under control thanks to best performing 32 bit platform. Fpp32 sets a new standard for this kind of software. Fpp32 is designed for Home Banking and Internet Dealing: these features are going to be released by the end of the current year.

  • Unlimited number of multi-currency accounts;
  • Inserting, closing and monitoring of transactions for each single account as well as for groups. Built-in limits management;
  • Automatic procedure to convert limits into transactions;
  • Customer position evaluated in USD or Euro with profits/losses from open positions considering market prices and forward points;
  • On screen indication of both required and available margin;
  • Balance for each of the traded currencies;
  • Registering of a new position with automatic check on account number and rate (verifies excessive shift from market rates);
  • Easy closing of open positions with automatic check on the amount (supports partial closings);
  • Detailed viewing of a transaction and print out of the deal slip;
  • Roll-over and Delivery procedures;
  • Liquidation procedures with account selection and immediate cash situation updating;
  • Historical transaction database with detailed viewing and printing of already liquidated transactions;
  • Printing of customer position in terms of open positions or open and closed ones, with cash situation, required and available margin, liquidation value considering market prices;
  • Cash situation and liquidation value summary for all the customers or just a group of them;
  • Listing of the accounts that are liable to daily liquidation;
  • Listing of open position for a group of customers within a defined period;
  • Printing of activity report and open positions for a group of customers within a defined period;
  • Aggregate situation of a group of customers in terms of balance for each single cross/currency with the relating weighted average price ;
  • Limit orders listed and processed by order number, by currency or by customer number ;
  • Checking limits with regard to market prices;

FGx Pro 32-bit has a graphic user interface as easy to learn/easy to use as the one of the 16 bit versions, optimized thanks to greater performances of the most advanced platform (multiple windows viewing, etc). Obviously, we are able to customize it to whatever particular need or procedure, according to your specs.

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