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Designed in close collaboration with professional dealers, the FGx Pro software family allows you to manage an unlimited number of transactions on Foreign Exchange, futures, derivatives, commodities for multi-currency customers. Using the commonest operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Nt) with minimum system requirements, Fpp lets you register and process transactions through a fast and easy graphic user interface that improves productivity of each single dealer with lowest error-risk thanks to built in checks.

All critical information (Total Balance, required and available margin, liquidation value) is constantly available to the operator even in an stormy market situation.

You can visualize the situation of each single customer as well as of a group of customers, with statistics and graphics that help you analyse positions revaluated in USD, Euro or whichever currency you choose.

Printing needs are satisfied with a wide number of reports designed with a focus on intelligibility at customer's eye and suitability for back-office purposes, whose requirements in terms of resources are therefore minimized.

Several dealers can work at the same time on a LAN sharing the very same information. Secondary offices can retrieve data through the internet, in protected mode. This feature lets you provide you customers with an update via internet directly to their home, reducing phone and paper expenses.

All FG169 programs are Y2K compliant.

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