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FIBMASTER: especially designed for the derivatives on the Italian Stock Market (MIB), it is the ultimate way to register and process transactions and options on this particular market. It includes most features of best-selling :

  • 32,000 customers database;
  • Multi-currency accounts;
  • Customer's position revaluated with profits/losses from open position and valid options considering market prices;
  • On screen indication of both required and available call margins;
  • Registering of a new position with automatic check on account number ;
  • Easy closing of a position with automatic check on the amount (supports partial closings);
  • Detailed viewing of a transaction and printing of the deal slip;
  • Transactions Historical database, including detailed viewing and printing of liquidated transactions;
  • Printing of the client's position in terms of open positions or open and closed positions, with indication of cash situation, call margin and liquidation value with regard to market prices;
  • Cash situation and liquidation value summary of all the customers or of a specified group of them;
  • Listing of teh accounts that are liable to daily liquidation;
  • Listing of the open positions of a defined group of customers;
  • Printing of the activity report and open positions of a group of customers within a defined period;
  • Registering of options and printing of a deal slip for each option;
  • Activity report and open positions in terms of options.

FibMaster ver 2.0 has the same easy-to-learn, easy-to-use graphic interface of Fpp but, since it has been developed for the Italian market, is shipped in Italian language. Obviously, we are able to customize it in whatever language you wish.

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